The fine story of the Lost Boys' Book Club

as told by Stu McKerihan

"The Lost Boys' Book Club has existed as a concept for a while now. It was spawned during a trip where I curated my reading based on the specific location. The Great Gatsby in New York, The Old Man and the Sea in Havana, The Rum Diary in San Juan etc.
It was rad being immersed in the places being referenced on the pages. I wanted to share this. Share a love of reading, travel and surf.
Pete Adams jumped on board and gave it a desperately needed aesthetic and Tim Clarke added weight to the voice.
We sell merch if you want to identify with it but really we're more interested in selling a love of words, getting people hyped on expanding their horizons through literature and travel. Riding waves and reading books are not mutually exclusive but complimentary passions.
It's still a work in progress but hopefully there's enough there already to get you stuffing your board bag with a few paperbacks alongside the sleds and hitting the road."


Stu McKerihan

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Pete Adams


Tim Clarke