London with Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

London is just oozing with mysterious history, sinister events, and great triumphs. It's hard to wander the streets of London without picturing people from different decades and centuries walking those very streets, living lives a million miles from ours yet within the buildings we pass through.

And so we are spoilt for choice with books set in and around London. It is hard to discern how one should choose an appropriate companion. With surf limited to freak tidal bores on the Thames, its safe to step away from our wave sliding novelists for now. For the short stay though, I suggest you dance with the darker side of London. Peer out the window on a dark night and walk the narrow streets alongside R.L. Stevenson. Choose his famous Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a book that is both short and enticing, making it a perfect travel companion when passing through London. After reading his classic 'Treasure Island' (Set in Bristol), this book offers the same page turning addiction and simplicity of prose that leaves the details of the story to grab you by the arm and whisk you thorough the dark streets.

A classic tale of good versus evil and a look into the dangers of the scientific improvement of self. Follow Mr. Utterson as he uncovers the dark truth of his best friend Dr Jekyll and recoil as you meet Mr. Hyde in the night. The contrasting lives seem to perfectly represent such a large, energetic, contrasting city. A city full of good intentions, bad intentions, blue skies, dirty streets, new developments and old establishments. Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is the perfect companion to aid such day dreams (or nightmares).

If you can find yourself a few nights to stay in central London with this book at your side you won't be disappointed.